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From changes in regulatory requirements and production practices to the latest technical information and approaches, AgLearning.com™ provides the education and training resources needed to efficiently and rapidly keep people informed, current and, if required, certified.

AgLearning.com delivers customized courses that are tailored to specific audience needs. Accessing custom courses is quick: after entering a username and password on the AgLearning.com home page, users immediately access their secure informational updates, courses and easy-to-use menu options.

AgLearning.com professionals make development of custom courses easy. They can work with existing presentations or assist in producing new audience-engaging programs. And you can monitor audience usage and generate usage reports with only a few clicks of the mouse.

Our training and course development staff are available to create and deliver curricula that fit your company or organization’s exact needs. Our full-service design, delivery and project management capabilities include:

  • Developing courses and/or curricula that meet your objectives
  • Securing expert presenters and trainers
  • Integrating training with existing company programs
  • Developing training materials as needed
  • Ensuring secured access to all training and courses
  • Providing Internet-based training modules and testing

AgLearning.com can keep employees, distributors, dealers, agents, customers and prospects updated on key industry issues. Through secure and password-protected access, AgLearning.com’s professionals can help you design a specific program that works for you. Industry Updates may also be customized so specific information is only available to specific audiences. Just ask us how.

Email or call us at 515.362.7555 to find out how AgLearning.com can develop customized programming for your specific situation.